Speaker for CEPIC Congress 2024 – Magdalena König

We’re thrilled to welcome Magdalena König as a distinguished speaker at our upcoming conference, “Authenticity in News” organised in partnership with EANA. As a key member of AIQ’s executive leadership team, Magdalena oversees Legal Governance and Compliance, driving the company’s legal affairs and shaping its compliance and risk strategies. With her expertise, she ensures AIQ’s responsible growth and fosters a risk management culture.

Magdalena’s extensive experience includes serving as IT counsel for ADNOC and its group companies, where she focused on digital transformation projects and data protection. Her pivotal role in establishing AIQ as a joint venture between ADNOC and G42 underscores her strategic insight and leadership.

Having garnered a passion for technology and artificial intelligence through her international assignments, Magdalena brings invaluable insights into IT integration, cloud infrastructure, and data management. Her legal background, with LLB Honours from the University of Plymouth and a Bachelor of Laws from the College of Law, London, enriches her perspective on legal governance in the digital age.

Join us on Thursday 16th May at 11:45 for the “Authenticity in News” conference, where Magdalena will share her expertise on navigating legal challenges in the news industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders like Magdalena König. 

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Magdalena Konig - Headshot

Contact Magdalena König 

Email: mkonig@adnoc.ae