Speaker of the day – Appu Shaji

Appu is the CEO and Chief Scientist at Mobius Labs ( http://www.mobiuslabs.com ) a provider of next generation, artificial intelligence (AI) powered, computer vision solutions that is disrupting how the world works with visual content. Mobius Labs makes it easy to add visual AI to any application, device or business.

Prior to founding Mobius Labs he was the Head of R&D at EyeEm, where he led a team of top computer vision researchers from Europe, solving various visual classification and ranking problems. The group focused on algorithmic and machine learning innovations that were translated into products that solved photographers’ problems.

He also co-founded sight.io, where we developed technology to rate images based on computational aesthetic. He holds

a PhD from IIT Bombay and held postdoctoral positions and is a well citied researcher in computer vision. 



Panel on Wednesday 25th May

16.30 to 17.30
A practical guide to Visual Artificial Intelligence


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