Speaker of the day – Anna Dickson

Anna Dickson works with product teams across Google to bring visual content to life in their product experiences.  Before Google, Dickson led photography teams at The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and iHeartRadio.  Her experiences in these editorial roles led her to develop an interest in the product infrastructure that supported the work her teams.  She was specifically interested in the rise of digital photography and the challenges that distributed content creation created.  

In 2015 Dickson took a role at Google and over the last several years has focused on product solutions to bring the right visual content to Google products and in turn, our user experiences.   Dickson’s interests lie in the changing visual media landscape, our understanding of visuals, how we organize it, and how we utilize it to communicate with each other, globally.



Anna Dickson will be the moderator on Wednesday for the Diversity & Inclusion in the Imagery Lifecycle. 

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