Speaker of the day – Dr. Yair Adato

Dr. Yair Adato is an executive level, machine learning & computer vision expert with a passion for bridging technology and business. Yair is the co-founder and CEO of Bria. Bria has developed a platform that allows anyone to create photorealistic stills or videos in seconds without using a camera or photoshop.

Speaker of the day – Michael Osterrieder

Michael has been a commercial and stock industry entrepreneur since 2003. He has produced and sold over one million images across dozens of image agencies and B2B agreements. During this time he was involved in various technology and marketing projects related to visual media.

Speaker of the day – Appu Shaji

Appu is the CEO and Chief Scientist at Mobius Labs ( http://www.mobiuslabs.com ) a provider of next generation, artificial intelligence (AI) powered, computer vision solutions that is disrupting how the world works with visual content. Mobius Labs makes it easy to add visual AI to any application, device or business.

Speaker of the day – Desirée García

Desirée García is the founder of EFE Verifica -EFE’s fact-checking team- and has just been appointed Director of Digital Content at EFE. EFE Verifica was launched in 2019 to fight disinformation circulating in Spanish-language and became a signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles very soon.

Speaker of the day – Alexandru Ion Giboi

EANA Secretary General

Alexandru Giboi is the Secretary General of EANA. Elected by the General Assembly of the organisation in September 2018, then reelected in October 2021, Alexandru Giboi had previously been the General Director and President of the Directors’ Council of AGERPRES, the Romanian National News Agency.

Speaker of the day – Paul Melcher

Paul Melcher is Managing Director at MelcherSystem ( https://melchersystem.com), a leading visual tech consulting firm, founder of Kaptur Magazine, the first online publication solely devoted to the visual tech industry, advisory Board member at the Plus Coalition, Clippn and Anthology and member of the C2PA.

SPEAKER OF THE DAY – the president of CEPIC

Christina is the Founder and CEO of stock photo agencies Image Source and Cultura Creative as well as President of CEPIC since 2021. Prompted by the death of George Floyd in May 2020, she has used her expertise in commercial photo and video licensing to create a new agency based around Diversity – both in front of and behind the camera, launching Cultura in January 2021


CEPIC President Christina Vaughan and Innovative Thinker Amos Struck host a RoundTable discussion looking at innovation, new models, successful old models and all things commercial for visual communication businesses post-Pandemic. What could our new image economy look like?


Amos Struck is the Founder of Stockphotos.com and a dynamic veteran of the industry. He leads one of the largest network of stock media-related projects in 6 languages.