Archived: CEPIC Seminar Sessions on Google

As part of its annual Congress, CEPIC will host a one-day series of four seminars focusing on issues around Google’s continuing dominance in search. The seminar sessions are supported by ICOMP and the Open Internet Project.

The seminars are held on 15 June 2017 from 09:30 to 17.00 in Salon 8, 12th floor of the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin (Friedrichstrasse 151). Bringing together major experts in the field, all four seminars are open to the public. As seats are limited, please book your seat for the whole day or for a specific session via

In 2014, CEPIC initiated a Google Images Workshop in Berlin. The successful event, packed with more than 100 participants, looked at Google’s dominance in search, its effect on competition and the development of a click-copy-paste culture of ”free” in the visual industry. In February 2017, Google rolled its new Image Search in Germany – to the detriment of the entire picture industry. More than ever, Google’s dominance raises fundamental concerns of fairness and a level playing field. What are the effects of Google’s conduct? What can effected parties do about it? What needs to be done?

Two seminars in the morning will present the latest updates around Google in Germany, the EU and the US. The first afternoon seminar will focus on particular solutions for picture agencies. The first afternoon seminar will focus on particular solutions for picture agencies, the second on the impact of internet monopolies on the Internet market.

Registration starts at 9:00 H

1st Seminar from 09:30 to 10:30
(Seminar language is German)
Google in Germany: Copyright Lawsuits and Negotiations

Following the roll-out of the new Google Image Search, the German Association of Picture Agencies (BVPA) has launched an initiative against the new features in order to negotiate a better solution with Google. Mathias Jahn, Head of Secretariat of the BVPA will provide an update on the association’s initiative and negotiations with Google. The legal counsel of the BVPA, David Seiler, will introduce all legal aspects and difficulties met at German and European level. Dirk Feldmann, legal counsel for the German Association of photographers (Freelens) will inform about the two copyright lawsuits submitted against Google in Germany: a first claim rejected in September 2016 and a new lawsuit filed in March 2017.

2nd Seminar from 11.00 to 13.00
(Seminar language is English)
Google in the EU and the US: Search, Complaints and Licensing

Eric Léandri, President of the Open Internet Project and CEO of the search engine Qwant, will talk on how a fair search engine can support both users and rightholders. Prof Dr Thomas Höppner, lawyer at Hausfeld, who has drafted EU-competition complaints for CEPIC, German publishers and the OIP, will provide an overview on the progress and state of affairs. Konrad Miller, Corporate Counsel at Getty Images, will inform about the Getty Images competition complaint against Google Images and Tim Cowen competition lawyer at Preiskel on damages claims. Alfonso Gutierrez, president of CEPIC, photographer and picture agency owner with more than 40-year experience will share his views on how Google has changed the way we trade with images. Cathy Aron, Executive Director of DMLA will present an US view on Google and Google Images.

3rd Seminar from 14.15 to 15.45
(Seminar language is English)
What the Future Holds for Picture Agencies: Emerging Revenues from Collecting Societies and ”Google Tax”
How will photography agencies adapt in the future and to the future? The seminar will look at new ways of collecting money for copyright protected works and at how the value generated by creative content online may flow back to the content creators. Next to the recent endeavours in Germany and the US, speakers will address the newly founded collecting society in the UK and the new law in France on Image Search Engines. Speakers: Anke Schierholz (VG Bildkunst), Paul Seheult (PICSEL), Thierry Maillard (ADAGP), Eugene Mopsik (ASCRL) and Anna Skurczinska (Open Plan Law).

4th Seminar from 16.00 to 17.00
Seminar language is English
Internet Giants and Their Impact on the Online Market

Speakers: Michael Weber ICOMP, Léonidas Kalogeropoulos Open Internet Project, Tim Cowen Preiskel

The series of seminars offers the opportunity to engage with expert speakers from around the globe, and to learn about the latest events vital to the future of the content industry in general and the image licensing industry in particular. It is a must for photographers, image libraries, and all those interested in the future of the image industry.

The sessions will be moderated by Michael Weber, president of ICOMP and of the Open Internet Project, with extensive knowledge of the Internet economy, and Sylvie Fodor, Executive Director of CEPIC with her many-years of experience of the picture industry.