When will the CEPIC Congress take place?
From Thursday, 14 to Saturday, 17 June 2017
On Wednesday, 13 June, CEPIC Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place.
If you are a CEPIC member and wish to attend the AGM, please contact us.

Where will the CEPIC Congress 2015 take place?
In Berlin, Germany at the Maritim proArte Hotel. 

How many people attend the CEPIC Congress?
Between 400 to 450 visitors, from 280 agencies and 35 countries, with approx. 60% coming from Europe, 30% from North America and 10% from Asia and South America. 

Berlin attracted 470 participants in 2014.

For last year’s participants list, click here.

Who is the main audience in the conference and what kind of companies attend? 
Owners/ Managers/ CEOs/ Senior Directors of companies involved in the following businesses:

Picture Libraries, Press Picture Agencies, Museum and Heritage Collections, Archival Imagery, Visual Technology Providers, Rights Managed, Royalty Free, Editorial Imagery, Microstock, Footage and Commercial Video Production

Representatives of the major National Associations that make up the formal membership of CEPIC:

AEAPAF (Spain)
BLF (Sweden, Denmark & Finland)
BVPA (Germany)
SAB (Switzerland)
SNAPIG (France)

Representatives of all North American Trade Associations: ASMP, ASPP, PACA, PLUS, The Copyright Alliance, The Copyright Registry

Representatives of National Photographers Associations from European countries

Other Photography and Trade Bodies representing Photographers and Copyright Owners

Service Suppliers including IT & Technology Companies (e.g. Keywording and Metadata Companies, Image Recognition companies, Anti-Piracy and Image Use Online Tracking agencies)


How can I exhibit at the CEPIC Congress 2017?
You can exhibit by renting an Exhibition Table in the Table Area or by renting one of the four Business Rooms.

What is the Table Area?
The Table Area is the exhibition area of the CEPIC Congress with 70 exhibition tables for rental.

Do I have to rent an Exhibition Table?
No, renting an Exhibition Table or a Business Room is optional.

ExhibitionTable or Business Room?
If you wish to hold meetings and presentations in a quite atmosphere with the possibility to bring your own ad banners, a Business Room is your choice (read more).
If you wish to hold meetings in the heart of the CEPIC congress, we recommend an Exhibition Table (read more).
Both options include a wifi connection.

Please contact us if you wish to book a Business Room.


We always look at the list of participants to select panelist for our conferences.

We are also open for propositions. Programme is work in progress. For state of progress, click here.


How can I register?
Go to Fees & Registration and click on one of the categories (1 to 3 registrations, 4th registration and more). Follow the steps in the registration platform. If you are a CEPIC member, don’t forget to select the discount.

Is the registration fee per person or per company?
The registration fee is per person. 

What is included in the registration fee? 
Full access to all congress areas for the entire duration of the congress (Wednesday to Saturday).
Note: the Table Area and the Business Rooms are open from Thursday to Satuday. 

Access to social events: , Annual Industry Party on Friday, 16 June, more to be announced soon.
Lunch buffet on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Coffee breaks and ongoing drinking stations 
One wifi connection per delegate

I have a VAT number, why am I being charged VAT?
Following EU tax law CEPIC must charge VAT on all congress invoices even when an agency provides a VAT number during registration. However, VAT is refundable with your VAT number. For more information, click here 
VAT in Germany is 19%

Can I have a one-day pass?
Since CEPIC must cover the costs of the congress for 4 days (room rental, catering, staff, internet, etc), one-day passes are not available.

I have registered but can’t no longer attend. What can I do?
You can either give your registration to someone else at no cost by sending us an email, or cancel your attendance. Please see our cancellation policy.


The CEPIC Congress is an event, CEPIC – European tax law –  can’t excempt any company from VAT (value added tax). 

“B2B services in respect of admission to cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific, educational, entertainment and similar events will be taxed at the place where those events actually take place [Article 53 of the VAT Directive]

This directive is taken from the Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission.

CEPIC must charge VAT of 19% (the local VAT rate, in Germany this year) on all Congress invoices. 

However, participants to the show are entitled to refund of the VAT under certain conditions:

If we didn’t answer all your questions, please contact us.