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Join the CEPIC Innovation Day in Berlin to network with key players in the photo industry and join different panels around the latest trends affecting the picture industry. For € 15 you will:

• Connect with core players in the picture industry

• Attend panels discussing trends affecting the industry

• Learn about cutting-edge Technology


Photographers, Image Buyers and Picture Agencies are invited to join this day of innovation, which is organized within the framework of the CEPIC Congress, the world’s largest event within the stock picture industry. This is a truly unique opportunity to meet cutting edge technology providers and the global players on the image market on one single day and place.

As part of the largest annual congress of the picture industry, CEPIC is hosting for the first time a special day for innovative technology providers and other businesses in the visual sector. These businesses will showcase their innovative developments in a dedicated area and participate in different panels around the latest trends affecting the picture industry.

The CEPIC Innovation Day will be held on Wednesday, 30 May 2018
from 10.00 to 18.00 in the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin



10.00 – 11.30  Can Blockchain Be Applied to the Picture Industry?

Pitch Presentations
11.45 – 11.50  Picturemaxx: My picturemaxx – the next big thing
11.55 – 12.00  Smartframe: Redefining the Digital Image Standard
12.05 – 12.10  ImageRights: AI Driven Copyright Enforcement
12.15 – 12.20  Copytrack: How and Why Photographers Should Use the Global Copyright Register
12.25 – 12.30  Capture: Capture Website 3.0

14.00 – 15.00  The Evolution of Content: The Impact of AI on the Creative Process (Adobe Seminar)

Pitch Presentations
15.10 – 15.15  IPStock: How Blockchain Will Return The Images Market Back to the Creative Community
15.20 – 15.25  PantherMedia: Tapping Directly Into The Advertising Market With Adpressi

15.30 – 16.30  Alternative Ways to Licence Your Photography

Pitch Presentations
16.40 – 16.45  Mainstream Data: Collision – Traditional Media Meets Social Media
16.50 – 16:55  Wemark: MYTHBUSTERS – The Truths And Myths About Blockchain And Stock Photography
17.00 – 17.05  Imatag: Secure and Monitor Your Visual Content


Capture Ltd will be showcasing their new and innovative frontend platform, Capture Web 3.0 built on WordPress to give clients greater flexibility. Features include contributor uploading tool, frontend tagging, focused on a seamless and interactive user journey. Optimised for all electronic devices Capture Web 3.0 puts the user in control.

This year, Copytrack presents two highlights: Its Global Copyright Control portal which evolved to one of the market leaders in copyright protection as well as a first glance at its Global Copyright Register. Photographers as well as picture agencies from all over the world enjoy the commission-based service and fair payout system. In addition to image tracking, post-licensing and legal enforcement, the registration of copyrights will start mid 2018 and create global transparency and fairness for the image rights market.

ImageRights provides an unprecedented combination of technological and legal protection for your visual works.  We provide the only blockchain-enabled service that combines Proof of Existence and copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, facilitating and expediting copyright infringement settlements and enabling you to seek the maximum damages available by law.

IMATAG will present its patented Invisible Watermark Technology, the most efficient way to track distributed copies of images. Imatag reduces costs with automated billing process while greatly improving copyright infringements identification. All without off-putting and distracting visible watermarks.

IPStock — global blockchain ecosystem for visual digital content, for all marketplaces, content creators and consumers. It implements visual digital content registry on blockchain and license management through smart-contracts. It will be the first solution in the market to give access to both exclusive and royalty free content licenses. The company addresses the global stock images market which includes photos, illustrations, videos and other visual content. Our goal is to significantly reduce costs for the final consumers, increase artists’ profits and let the market grow.

Mainstream Data
Mainstream Data is the leading global provider of feature-rich and social media-aware image and video licensing and push delivery platforms. We design, develop, host, and operate low-cost multimedia asset management systems for dozens of companies around the world with collections from very small to extremely large.

PantherMedia’s Adpressi offers photo agencies an innovative visual content monetization opportunity. Revenue is derived from ads placed by the Adpressi In-Image Advertising system powered by AI driven visual image recognition and automated text analysis enabling real time targeting. This delivers higher returns than conventional targeting approaches making it possible to augment or replace traditional licensing fees with a new revenue source.

Technology provider picturemaxx has been an innovator in the professional picture market for over 35 years. The leading media search engine — my-picturemaxx — connects media buyers with a unique marketplace of picture agencies, archives and portals. Visit us and learn more about the new my-picturemaxx source-based MultiMatrix Filter, a win–win for both media buyers and providers.

SmartFrame is a secure, embeddable, trackable and interactive online image format, that grants you unprecedented control over your content, brand protection, a fantastic user experience, increased traffic and business growth.

Wemark is a blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, starting with photos. Its distributed marketplace enables photographers to license their content directly to customers while keeping full rights, receiving higher control and making more money by cutting greedy middleman fees. Wemark’s partners include some of the industry leading content providers, such as Caia Image, Cavan Images and others.


 Exhibitors Stand Manual 




The event is open to CEPIC delegates who have a CEPIC Congress pass.
Professional photographers and picture buyers are invited to join and have access for only 15 Euros. Register here.


The events of the CEPIC Congress 2018 will take place at the Maritim proArte Hotel, Friedrichstrasse 151, 10177 Berlin