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Update on 27 May 2019

2019_05_24 CEPIC Table Plan 5th June

2019_05_24 CEPIC Table Plan 6-7th June

Booking a Table as a CEPIC Congress agency 

To book a Table at CEPIC Congress, please register online as of 29 January 2019 and select a table of your choice. 
If you have already registered and wish to book a Table, contact us and we will book a Table for you.

Table fees for three days (from 5 to 7 June 2019):

Table fee for two days (from 6 and 7 June 2019):

Two-day tables will be available for booking as of 1 April 2019.

Booking a Table as a PIXDAY agency (only for agencies with an office in France) 

To book a Table at PIXDAY, please register online as of 29 January 2019 and select a table of your choice. The PIXDAY fee is included in the PIXDAY global fee which includes three passes on 5 June. 

You can then add CEPIC passes and a CEPIC table for two more day (6 and 7 June) and continue your meetings at CEPIC Congress.

Note that if you add a CEPIC table for 6 and 7 June, your CEPIC table must be the same as your PIXDAY Table.

Example: PIXDAY Table A1 (5 June) + CEPIC Table A1 (6 and 7 June) 

All PIXDAY Tables include one standing board. 

How to increase your CEPIC Table’s visibility

If you wish to increase your company’s profile by placing one standing roll-up behind your Table, you can book one Table+ for and additional fee of 50 €.

Please note that it is not allowed to place banners or roll-ups next to other tables, because – due to the table distribution – they hide neighbouring tables.

These are other (free) ways to make your table more noticeable:

- Bring your own Table cloth (table size 120 cm x 70 cm).

- Rent a monitor to show your images.

Example of Table banner:

CEPIC 2014 Berlin, Germany

Please contact us for any questions regarding Table booking and branding.

Thank you for booking a Exhibitor’s Table at the CEPIC Congress 2019!