The CEPIC IPTC Metadata Handbook is available for download for CEPIC Members

The Image Metadata Handbook is available for download as a zip file attached to this article.


CEPIC/IPTC Image Metadata Handbook

  • Authors and contributors

Sarah Sanders (Electric Lane), Michael Steidl (IPTC), Paul Brown (CEPIC), Christian Donle, Nancy Wolff

  • Prerequisite

Use Adobe Reader 10/X or Adobe Acrobat 10/X to read the documents of the Handbook. Adobe reader 10 is free to download at
Some functions may not work with earlier versions.

  • Start reading

Open the Handbook by clicking on ‘_Start_Introduction’. You will find links to all sections of the document from the Introduction page, and from tabs at the top.

  • Setting preferences

1. It is important to set the permissions in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat as specified under the preferences tab.
2. The Global Security Policy has to be switched off (disabled) for JavaScript to work correctly for the interactive workflow chart (Workflow tab). If you are concerned about this, open Preferences and switch it back on when you have finished.
The Workflow chart

The first time you open the chart, it will take a while to appear. If you go back to it during your session it appears quickly.

  • Where to discuss the Handbook

If you would like to discuss the Handbook you are invited to join the public IPTC Photo Metadata Yahoo group: go to and apply for membership – which will be granted quickly. Then post your comments and views.

Having a problem with using the Handbook – Adobe Read does not work, links cannot be activated – please send an email to – we will forward it to the right person.

Issued: May 2011