Comment on Google’s response to European Commission charges on Android

Google filed its defense Thursday against the EU’s charges targeting Android. Thomas Vinje, an antitrust lawyer who advises FairSearch, calls Google’s description of Android as an open-source operating system “disingenuous … a phone maker that offers even a few phones that do not comply with Google’s straightjacket faces a cut-off from all of Google’s branded products.”

Statement by Thomas Vinje, counsel to FairSearch

Google rejected European antitrust charges that it used its dominance over online search to promote its own product comparison website at the expense of rival. FairSearch responds.

Africa Online: How Picture Researchers are finding images online

Last month Africa Media Online conducted a survey to gain an understanding of how picture buyers and picture researchers are using Google to find images. 52 people responded to the short list of questions. 29 respondents were from South Africa, 8 from the UK, 7 from the USA, 2 from Germany, 1 from New Zealand and 1 from Denmark and 3 unknown.

Getty Images to file competition law complaint against Google

Complaint, in support of the European Commission’s investigation into Google, aims to address Google’s anti-competitive practices and use of scraped third party imagery through Google Images that diminishes a fair marketplace for content creators.

Google responds to EU charges

On 27 August, Google has sent a response to the SO (Statement of Objections) issued in April this year.