CEPIC on the adoption of the EU AI Act Trilogue Agreement

On Friday 9th December the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the AI Act. CEPIC welcomes the EU AI Act Trilogue Agreement as ground-breaking legislation with the potential to set a comprehensive ethical framework for the use of AI in the EU and serve as an example worldwide. Continued…

FNAPPI and Google sign a framework agreement on neighbouring rights

We are thrilled to share that the Fédération Nationale des Agences de Presse Photos et Informations (F.N.A.P.P.I.) has successfully signed a significant framework agreement with Google on neighbouring rights. The agreement, inked on November 7, 2023, underlines the commitment to protecting content under the European Copyright Directive.

Let’s build a world-class AI that respects literary and artistic property rights

In a letter signed by 70 professional organisations in France, including CEPIC’s members the UPP and SAPHIR, the creative industry has, in the context of the Trilogue on the draft European Regulation on artificial intelligence, the AI Act, turned to the French Prime Minister calling for France’s strong commitment on behalf of the cultural and creative sector.

Navigating the AI Act: Transparency and Challenges in Media Innovation

In the fast-paced world of AI, our recent participation in the Trilogue Negotiations on the AI Act in Brussels highlighted a critical topic: transparency. At CEPIC, our speaker, Emily Shelley, MD of Alamy, emphasised the importance of clear rules for AI companies.

CEPIC Working Group on Artificial Intelligence is growing

#AI WORKING GROUPS CEPIC is pro-actively involved in shaping the legislation at EU level, in Brussels. As far as AI is concerned, CEPIC’s work presently focuses on two fundamental texts, the provisions of which will impact the entire value chain of the visual media industry. – The EU Copyright Directive, text and data mining provisions, Articles … Continued

Visual Content is facing its revolution.

CEPIC, International Association of the Media Licensing Industry, is pleased to announce the release of version 2 of its AI Ethical Guidelines for Responsible Re-Use and Production of Visual Content. The Guidelines are now also available in French. The Guidelines provide a framework for ethical and responsible use of AI in the Re-Use and Production of visual content.