The OIP recalls that Google remains the only beneficiary of the Shopping Units, causing irreparable harm to competition and consumers all across Europe

In reaction to the DG Comp Director General Johannes Laitenberg’s comment at the ICN Annual Conference on Google’s compliance with the Google Search prohibition decision, the Open Internet Project (OIP) reemphasises the importance of the decision and the respective compliance mechanism as a landmark precedent for the entire European digital market.

Dreamstime v. Google

The Dreamstime complaint against Google filed in the USA is going forward.

Interim measures against Google

The OIP welcomes the French Competition Authority’s decision to order interim measures against Google, and urges the European Commission to follow a similar path

Finally act against Google’s anti-competitive practices

Google keeps users to itself, and no longer plays the role of an intermediary to direct users to the vast wealth of Internet websites. It captures them and directly offers content produced by others, depriving them of their intellectual property rights.

On the Google-Getty agreement

CEPIC has received with interest the news about a cooperation agreement which has been reached between Getty Images and Google Inc., two leaders in their respective field.

Google Shopping Case

The link to the decision of the European Commission on the Google Shopping Case is posted here.

Reactions to the European Commission’s decision on Google Shopping

CEPIC submitted a ccompetition complaint at the European Commission in November 2013. In April 2016, there followed a second competition complaint of Getty Images. Google is accused of leveraging its dominant position in general web search to favour its own service: Google Images.