As part of a wide coalition of cultural and creative organisations, CEPIC co-signed the attached statement to urge the European Parliament to make meaningful improvements to the text of the Digital Services Act that will be voted on in plenary on Thursday 20th January. Read the full statement .

Use of content recognition tools for the application of Article 17

The battle over Article 17 continues. New proposals, notably from Germany, call the balance found in the Copyright Directive into question. A recent report to the French government attempts to restore the balance in favour of rights holders and argues that content recognition tools play a central role in this process.

Digital Single Act and Digital Market Act

The current regulations for digital services and online platforms in the EU are 20 years old. The EU Commission presented its plans for new digital laws yesterday, on December 15th.

EU Stakeholders write to German government

In an usual move a coalition of EU stakeholders, including CEPIC, have sent the attached joint letter of EU stakeholders, listing their concerns regarding the German implementation draft of article 17.